The Flip Of A Switch

The remnants of hurricane Irma slowed the arrival of cooler weather here in our mountains.  Only last week I was still dressed for summer when I hit the trails at Biltmore. Yesterday the decision was between a lighter or heavier jacket or cool weather or colder weather gloves. Even though I’m aware we’ve been continually losing minutes of daylight since the summer solstice, it’s not really that noticeable until that first frost.

The sun, due to the earth's tilt away from it, appears lower in the sky. This field of silage awaiting harvest at Biltmore, seems golden in its slanted rays.


The hanging baskets at Antler Hill Village are dressed in vibrant fall colors.


A holly tree “decorated” in its own vibrant berries.


Holiday decorating is also well underway on the estate.


Next week the 35 foot tall Banquet hall Christmas tree will be brought to the Biltmore house.

Post to follow!