Breathing Room

When we moved to our home in the mountains of western North Carolina, I described our two acre property as a "blank slate." The previous owner build a solid, lovely home, but attempts at landscaping were sadly lacking. Little by little over the past two years, we have been adding plants and generally sprucing up the property. The wooded area was filled with bittersweet vines that were winding around trees and literally choking them. Black locusts were taking over and thorny thickets were everywhere. Our plan has been to remove invasive species thus opening our wonderful view and allowing other trees and plants to thrive. Last fall we had two of the largest (and sickly)  Black Locusts removed. The difference was dramatic.



Our view after tree removal

Our view after tree removal

This year we've removed even more trees, and as a result, more light has been wonderful for the growth of so many plants and trees that had been struggling such as Christmas Fern.

christmas fern.jpg
Christmas fern2.jpg

A Dogwood


Maple trees

maple tree.jpg



Opening up a landscape can reveal some really beautiful Images.

heart in trees.jpg

Can you see the heart?