Wholesale Pricing Eligibility

Wholesale pricing is subject to approval and is extended to brick and mortar storefronts only. Storefronts must have daily open hours for walk-in-traffic. We require a copy of your state Tax & Use certificate in order to set up a wholesale account. To apply, please email us at mailto:loominaries@charter.net.

Opening Orders

For retailer accounts we require an $800.00 minimum opening order for wholesale pricing.

Purchase Requirements

In order to maintain wholesale account standing, a minimum of $800.00 in total orders must be placed within any twelve month period. Accounts that do not maintain this purchase level will be required to make another $800.00 stocking order to be eligible for wholesale pricing.

Interior Designers

Designer pricing is available to qualified professionals in the interior design or visual display industry. We require verification that you are an interior designer as well as a copy of your state Sales Tax & Use certificate and state business ID. To apply, please email us at loominaries@charter.net.

Designer orders

There is no minimum for designer pricing.

All sales to retail stores or Interior Designers are final.