Cutting The Cord

After years of having "bundled" our phone, internet and TV with our local cable company, we are now liberated! For those of you who have done this you know what a freeing experience it is. For us, the last straw was an increase of $30.00 per month, for no reason except the company "could". We had the basic service, as TV watching does not dominate any portion of our day or evening. When we called to try to change the cost we were told "nope". Wrong answer.

Our quest for liberation from the cable cord began with perusing the websites of streaming providers including, youtube tv, hulu, and sling tv. Based on our programming interests we chose sling to begin our adventure.


We ordered three months of sling blue with a couple of add ons, and as a promotion we got a Roku ultra for half price. We wanted to retain our landline numbers, one for the business, and a "home phone" so we opted to port our phone numbers to Number Barn.


Once we ported our numbers from our cable company to Number Barn, we then forwarded them to our cell phones. Easy Peasy!

Another great advantage of the various TV packages, is that you can cancel them at any time if another provider better meets your TV watching needs. For local stations, (ABC, CBS, NBC) we purchased an antenna for our attic. With the antenna, we also receive PBS (For "Victoria" ) as well as some vintage and local TV shows.


So here's the cost breakdown: Old provider TV, Internet, two phone lines: $182.00 per month.

Our old provider still provides us with internet only at a cost of $64.99, sling tv, $39.99, business phone and home phone, $12.00. Total savings $65.02 (!) and A LOT more channels that we actually WANT. Oh, and might I add, that the picture quality is superior! 

Cable box gets returned tomorrow!!!!!