Those Moments

I called UPS after receiving an extra $7.00 charge for a shipment I sent to a customer. I was told that it was because I had used my UPS shipper number from NJ to send a package from my new address in NC. She gave me a new shipper number but I couldn’t replace the old address on my online account. After being sent from one representative to another, I finally was connected with tech support. Three tech support people (one of which told me she would call me back but never did) later, and with my frustration level rising, I thought I should give up and try again the next day. Instead I stared at the phone and then proceeded to call tech support AGAIN. This time I reached Harley, who had the key to my account change dilemma. After working with him for ten minutes, he told me he didn’t feel like he was at his desk working, but rather that he was talking to a friend. I told him I felt the same way. One of “those moments”.

rag rug.jpg

I received a call from a lovely woman in Virginia who after a google search, felt that I was the only one that could weave a rug to replace her vintage rag rug that was destroyed by her previous dog. I shipped it to her and got a call from her indicating that she was “thrilled out of her mind” and it was even better than she could have imagined. One of "those moments".

I was in the grocery store and while I was trying to find a particular item I heard a voice say, “I love your pocketbook” I looked over to see a sweet young woman with special needs looking at me. I thanked her and then she said, “what library do you go to?” I told her we had just moved here and wasn’t sure where the libraries were and could she suggest one. Without flinching, and very assertively she said “the Enka library.” I thanked her and told her I was grateful for her help since we were learning so much about the area. Her mom, who she introduced to me, looked at me as if to say “I hope we are not bothering you.” The young woman then asked me my name I answered “ my name is Patti and what is your name?” She smiled sweetly and said “Lee Ann”. She then asked me how I spelled my name. I spelled it for her and then said “my given name is Patricia but most people call me Patti. Do people call you Lee or Lee Ann?” She assuredly told me “Lee Ann”. She asked me where I was from and then asked me about the weather in NJ and I learned that Lee Ann and her mom were from Syracuse. I wished them a wonderful weekend, and we said “so great to meet you”. One of "those moments", and God moments all!