Right On Time

Sure enough, as mentioned in my last post, the bluebird momma has started feathering her nest, or in this case, building it with our  ornamental grass clippings. The one in the photo below is at least 24" and she seems to be handling it with ease.

nest feathering.jpg

Here she is flying through the air with more nest building material in her beak.

bird in flight.jpg

I can't tell if papa is checking out her handiwork, or helping. You can just see his tail feathers on the cage we added to the house to keep a raccoon from reaching his paw in to steal eggs. That happened to the first eggs laid two springs ago. So far, it has worked!

ma and pa bluebird.jpg

I think she's resting after getting this long piece of grass up to the entrance.

nest building.jpg

A little sit in the sun before dinner.



bluebird with worm.jpg