Another Snow Day

While most people stayed off the road yesterday due to our latest snow storm, my commute only requires a walk down the hill to the studio. That walk has been tricky at best, due to the ice and snow that refuses to melt on the path that Tom made with the snow thrower. Never the less, it was warm in the studio as I began the first of twelve rugs that will be shipped to Florida.

2'x4' rag rug.jpg

The view from the window behind me is a reminder that very soon, the bluebirds will be coming back  to the house that Tom built.

bluebird house.jpg

There really is a pond and pool behind this fence!

winter scene.jpg

The cardinals seem to enjoy the sun today as they wait their turn before heading down to the feeder.


We just bought another bag of sunflower seed for a total of 100 pounds since December. These two made a visit last week.

deer at birdfeeder.jpg

Spring is almost here, right?