Little (and not so little) Jewels

We just discovered a new addition to our pond. Another little frog to add to the mix. Right now, he/she is about the size of a quarter. The photo below offers a size comparison between the larger frog in the foreground and the little one in the back.

This new inhabitant joins the other five or six (or seven..) frogs and fish that call our pond home.


Our very entertaining "jewels" of nature can be rather mesmerizing. Equally so is this exquisite brooch that I saw on a blog post from Quintessence. It is from the jeweler Seaman Schepps. 

frog brooch.jpg

Intrigued, I went to the website and found these two lovelies.

fish brooch.jpg
koi Brooch.jpg

Just a few baubles that every owner of a pond with frogs and fish should own!