Capturing Nature

Well it seems we are in rutting season. For those who are hunters or just people like us who have had a love/hate relationship with deer for years, the rutting is akin to mating. Early last evening, I noted a doe followed by two bucks in the front yard making their way down to  the back of our property. I slowly opened the door to the patio and was able to get a photo of the first one. The spooky eyes are a reflection of the flash.


He then turned and continued down the hill, followed by this guy.

2nd buck.jpg

This was a photo from a few days ago of one of the two.

buck under treemjpg

Once they got down behind the evergreens off our patio, we couldn't see them but we did hear what sounded like branches in trees smacking together. Rather, it was the sound of the two bucks having a shoving match with their antlers. The great photo below depicts what we heard, along with a lot of snorting.

Photo by Alex Robinson

Photo by Alex Robinson

We always say you never know what you are going to see around here, like this red tailed hawk that I've been hearing a lot all summer, but finally caught him sitting on the roof of Tom's shed.

red tailed hawk.jpg

Never a dull moment!