Day One Asheville continued

As previously mentioned, our first day in Asheville was really stormy. We kept hearing warnings of flooding and possible tornadoes on the car radio. After our tour of the Grove Arcade, we decided it was time to duck into Carmel's for a late lunch. We had a couple of great salads and while we watched the wind blown people passing by the windows, we decided it was best to stay in town until the worst of the weather passed rather than get on the road. The lovely woman who was our server suggested we take a short drive down the street to Woolworth Walk. This is a fabulous art gallery and emporium featuring local artists and craftsmen and is housed in the former Woolworth building.

Woolworth walk.jpg

It's really well restored and features the original soda fountain.

soda fountain.jpg

Tom and I agreed that we loved everything we saw including these fabulous ceramic sculptures by Julie Miller Gootman.

ceramic sulptures.jpg

I came around a corner and saw Tom looking at some beautiful feather balls by glass artist Kyle Keeler. We decided we had to bring one home.

feather ball.jpg

How did he enclose those delicate feathers in that blown glass ball???